Carrowcrory Cottage today - New Herb Labyrinth update

Yesterday, I managed to almost complete the layout for the outer ring of this new labyrinth, especially cutting away more of this bank to help

This gives more perspective

Today I will be removing weeds here so I can complete this circle

Another perspective ...

Today, I hope to also reveal some of the mystery of where this path goes, if I get to complete planting the lavender in the Smudging Stick Plants bed.

Help did not turn up and weather is good.
If you have a rotovator and can work a day or two, paid, between now and Saturday let me know.
Donations of labour always welcome, stay overnight, dinner b&b for 4 hours work.
Herb and small shrub plant donations always welcome
Or financial donations to get more plants.

To close, I was thinking about centrepieces and how a table, especially with guests sharing, is not complete without a small one, so I gathered one just now ...


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