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Carrowcrory Cottage today - New Herb Labyrinth update

Yesterday, I managed to almost complete the layout for the outer ring of this new labyrinth, especially cutting away more of this bank to help This gives more perspective Today I will be removing weeds here so I can complete this circle Another perspective ... Today, I hope to also reveal some of the mystery of where this path goes, if I get to complete planting the lavender in the Smudging Stick Plants bed. Help did not turn up and weather is good. If you have a rotovator and can work a day or two, paid, between now and Saturday let me know. Donations of labour always welcome, stay overnight, dinner b&b for 4 hours work. Herb and small shrub plant donations always welcome Or financial donations to get more plants. To close, I was thinking about centrepieces and how a table, especially with guests sharing, is not complete without a small one, so I gathered one just now ... Location: Carrowcrory,Ireland

New Herb Labyrinth Update 24th October

I'm getting the plants out now due to these amazing October sunny days. Gaps will be filled with more herb plants when I have the finds. Donations in cash or herb plants always welcome :-) I have to do more weeding and trim edges before I lay the outer ring. Lavender plants in position for planting in this smudging stick herbs bed. Melissa and appropriate sages will go here too. Bit of an overall view ...

Herb Labyrinth progress 4th October 2016

Still a lot more stones to rake off of the new labyrinth garden, the seated garden area coming along ready for seating and wild flower planting, and the lavender bed just about ready too. With the 10 days of dry weather forecasted a lot should be done here very soon :-)