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Latest News!  Special Offers! No time to update this website totally with this, until the next rainy day, which are scarce at present. We are outdoors on nice days :-) ... but here are the new offers ... By special requests ... Two types of retreats  at Carrowcrory Affordable €70 a day food and accommodation Journal Retreat FREE food and accommodation Working Retreat You can mix and match both choices Minimum 3 days together between 1st March and 31st October to include Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights Sunday nights if you include Bards In The Woods but not Friday and Saturday nights. Maximum is 10 days, and if you do that, then it can include a Friday and Saturday. With the Journal Retreat €70 per day per person covers evening meal, accommodation either shared en suite or single shared bathroom full breakfast picnic style lunch wi-fi access, currently rural speeds, 12 mbps download, 5 mbps upload also guiding, tuition, and transport packages, a