Tractor Run, Fun Day & Poetry Competition

Carrowcrory Cottage in the Keash Parish

Carrowcrory Cottage is just within Keash Parish. Keash Parish is a network of townlands, including Carrowcrory, that surround the Keash/Kesh townland, now locally called 'Keash Village'

During the past couple of years we have explored how what we offer to visitors at Carrowcrory Cottage can integrate with what else is going on in the parish and what people can visit. Our first relationship was with the traditional Fox's Den pub who now have a state of the art kitchen and professional chef.

We also encourage use of local sites such as the Caves of Keash and Kingstone Holy Well, also known as Grainne's Well, Hag's Well and Well Of Vision in stories.

These sites are on farmland and access is possible through the kind allowance and support of local farmers.

Keash Enhancement

Keash Enhancement is a group of local people, local business people, farmers, land owners, land tenants, arts and crafts people and people who may work away but live in Keash Parish. 

Together they steer the well being and fabric improvement of the parish. Projects so far, have been easier access and maintenance of the Holy Well, easier path access to the caves, Lovely floral welcome signs at the village entrances, signage project and the most expensive being a local park and playground.

Tractor Run and Fun Day

So, here we have a fundraiser for the projects, especially the park, through a Tractor Day, Fun Day and Poetry Competition ...

So let me introduce you to the tractors first ...

63 tractor drivers registered their €20 to be in this rally. 

Incredible support for the day, for this cause, from these drivers

All sizes and ages of tractors, and a poetry entry was about this one :-) 

Then, all kinds of tractors classic and modern took part in the rally. I'm no tractor expert so maybe you can tell me some of the makes and models :-) 

Of course, I know what these green tractors are :-) 

And the Lamborghini's found their place here :-)  ... 

and so did some of the passengers, such as Bud the Dog here ... 

So off they go around the country lanes, all 63 of them ...

Though one tractor did not go so far ... 

I'm trying to get use of someone else's pics to show what that tractor ended up doing :-) 

Meanwhile, Bud The Dog got sight of something else going on ...

 and there were llamas here too :-) 

Some folks chilling out ...

Some indoor pics, before the crowds came in to the village hall ... 

Free books and invitation to donate, set up by Randy

Browsing at the sweet shop :-) 

Lots of cakes, that did not stay there very long :-) 

Spin The Wheel that seemed to be very active.

Bric-a-Brac that seemed to include many DVD discs,
and this table did well too.

Face Painting, become another person, or animal :-) 

And some stopped by for the tae ...

The inevitable, and perhaps essential, bouncy castle was here ... 

Pat Ward, the essential MC, raffle co-ordinator, auctioneer, inside and outside, who holds all of this together ...  :-) 

Poetry Competition

Every entry for this was fun and entertaining. I soon realised that I did not like being a judge for the 'best' poems, as they all deserved recognition. However, there had to be a decision for best under 12's poem and best 12s and over, including adults.

Under 12s winner was 'My Tractor' by Jack Higgins
Over 12s winner was 'I Am A Little Ferguson' by Jason Booth
both clever fun poems about tractors.

I hope to publish copies of you soon :-)

But this is not the end of it ...

Hopefully this is the start of encouraging and promoting local arts around Keash.

There is a lot of local activity related to sports, farming, food, and fitness, and these activities are always the best fundraisers. Keash also has a good population of artists and performers who largely keep quiet and isolated from village activity.

I know of wonderful painters, sculptors, illustrators, woodworkers, writers, poets, creative dancers and musicians who are barely ever seen at Keash events. Many of them, perhaps, do not relate to sports and farming, so that may be why we do not see them.

Several local farmers and sports enthusiasts are also very talented 'closet' artists and performers too.

The Poetry Competition & Project plus other local arts projects I will propose to the Keash Enhancement Committee I believe will do the village proud. As I say, it may not create the fundraising loot like other projects and activities, but all helps to bring all 'voices' of community together.

Stay tuned for more developments with this ...

So ...

The Tractor Run and Fun afternoon was a terrific success, lots of fun, lots of sun, very community, and boosted the Keash Enhancement economy.

I look forward to the next meeting where we will decide on more events and services ...

Click here to keep up with what's happening in Keash ... 

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