Harp School At Carrowcrory?

Via Claire Roche, I was given request to let Harpist Edel Loftus use our studio here at Carrowcrory for some video filming use. Fortunately, the building had been used a couple of days before by a women's group making Brighid's Crosses.

I phoned Edel to get some background on what was happening. She mentioned that a few cars were arriving from different directions. At this point I was imagining Edel, one or two harpists, a camera operator and sound operator. So I made some signs to show the way to U.S. From Ballinafad Castle ...

Various cars rolled up with young harpers and their mothers, including Edel's very talented daughter Alida.

So the setting up in the studio begins. Here in the pic below Edel is to the left and Alida to the right.

Harpers kept arriving, so let's have some tea before they start ...

Edel then asked me if they could use two areas, the studio for hard rehearsals and the main room in the cottage for choral rehearsals. The main room with hearth is fine as this is set aside for performances, courses and workshops.

They took a break and walked the tree labyrinth here ...

which somehow formed into a march ...

and even a tree labyrinth version of the Abbey Road cover ...

Should this be the Carrowcrory Labyrinth cover?

As I was on catering duties from this point on I did not get to take more pics, but a lot went on ...

After rehearsals they went into a show practice in the studio and made a video.

This followed by some tuition sessions in both the studio and cottage. Alida here serving some instruction ...

Edel even found time to host a small techniques and performance workshop too.

On the catering side I helped them with lunch and afternoon tea.

At the end, which was around 7 pm, they had been here 8.5 hours, the girls and Edel all said how much they enjoyed being here, and the girl's mothers loved it here too.

They are now eager to make this a regular Windsong Harp School venue alongside their existing Roscommon, Sligo and Dublin schools.

A Harp School at Carrowcrory. I find that's very cool :-)

Please do inquire about harp schooling here.

I hope some boys and men get in on this too :-) 

We could set up one on ones, groups, sessions, composing, rehearsals and performances here and in Dublin. This can be with the wonderful Edel and Alida and with Claire too sometimes. A very important dimension for Carrowcrory.

click here to inquire about Harps at Carrowcrory

and here is Edel Loftus and Alida Loftus performing here at Carrowcrory Cottage when Alida was only 18 years old.

This day was a surprise success for Carrowcrory Cottage. I did not know what to expect.

We had the Windsong Harp Music School here for the day. I have been fans of them and Edel and Alida Loftus for some years. So here they had a successful day of choral and harp rehearsals, tuition, practising for upcoming concerts, a wee harp seminar, video shoots, labyrinth walking, and for much of the day I was caterer.

Some very cool things coming together here. I heard rusty choral work in the morning become something very angelic by this early evening.

Windsong is a wonderful harp school in Ireland. Sorry, their web site is a bit rusty compared to their exceptional services  I look forward to them serving their services back here at Carrowcrory Cottage soon.

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