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Harp School At Carrowcrory?

Via Claire Roche, I was given request to let Harpist Edel Loftus use our studio here at Carrowcrory for some video filming use. Fortunately, the building had been used a couple of days before by a women's group making Brighid's Crosses. I phoned Edel to get some background on what was happening. She mentioned that a few cars were arriving from different directions. At this point I was imagining Edel, one or two harpists, a camera operator and sound operator. So I made some signs to show the way to U.S. From Ballinafad Castle ... Various cars rolled up with young harpers and their mothers, including Edel's very talented daughter Alida. So the setting up in the studio begins. Here in the pic below Edel is to the left and Alida to the right. Harpers kept arriving, so let's have some tea before they start ... Edel then asked me if they could use two areas, the studio for hard rehearsals and the main room in the cottage for choral rehearsals. The main r