Easter Sunday 2014

The third beautiful sunny day of Easter this year, and I am sure the warmest, though weather stats say 17C, just before it got a bit cloudy after 5 pm. Apparently yesterday was warmer.

I was still a bit dissapointed that our Mayo adventure did not happen. The plan was to be on Old Head Beach today and explore the Oak Wood there.

Even so, the Tree Labyrinth here, which I am now calling the 'Living Tree Labyrinth' is very overgrown with weeds, especially rushes and couch grass ... so I decided to reclaim my boundaries with the rest of nature here today.

A new species here, biting red ants, put up the biggest challenge. Though as I uncovered them the spider cavalry soon came to my rescue from several directions.

No decent pics of the TLC I have done in the labyrinth, but here are some pics of little things going on here right now.

One thing in abundance again this year are the cowslips and primroses despite me not clearing the weeds close to them very much this year.

Here is a another view of some through the blossoming small serviceberry tree.

Carrowcrory is later with many things this year, compared to other gardens around. I still have not seen swallows, swifts or martins here yet or a cuckoo call. While neighbour's daffodils are dying off mine are coming into life here.

There are a lot of bats around here, though, more than I have ever seen. Not sure what they are eating as I am not seeing midges yet, hooray.

Pussy willows catkins are still abundant and look beautiful in their pollening stage

My little white poplars are looking good as the buds open this spring.

Winter heather staying on in bloom later than usual too and looking gorgeous

Angelica growing rapidly, sideways rather than up. Fennel doing the same, but I forgot to photograph that.

Horse Chestnut trees are late to burst into leaf this year too. These buds should be well open, but can you see the little horseshoes on the branch stem below the bud?

May be easier on this pic

Here's the serviceberry tree blossom taken closer to it, very pretty and delicate.

I love how the oaks hang onto their brown leaves until their newbuds are ready to open with new leaves in June. Here this is happening on one of my smallest oaks here, the old with the new ...

I am looking forward to a lot more growth from the willows slowly forming a live willow archqay and live centre cairn here. By the end of this summer this should truly take shape, much more than this pic shows now.

The light day is almost done now. The sun is setting as a red ball, though this pic still shows it white.

I enjoyed today. Apparently its is a cloudy and cooler forecast tomorrow, Easter Monday ... but I have some rehearsals to do.

I look forward to returning to the magic here again very soon.



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