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Spring 2014 - Making a Start

Thank you to Bridget Foy who writes a beautiful blog about their cottage, Bridget is with Andy Beach and together they do wonderful things to their cottage in their cottage and garden and go on interesting jaunt around the country. Bridget writes about this and shares. So this is the inspiration behind my Carrowcrory Cottage blog here, as my other blogs do not cover what I actually do at home and near home. I am just home so this was the first day for me here in this wonderful warm spring weather. My intent was to do maintenance work on our native tree labyrinth here but I soon got fed up with the sogginess still around and my weeding rug was not doing the trick. I needed a new weeding rug. There is an unsightly pile, well now was an unsightly pile, of some kind of material that was once our temporary roof until the thatcher came along. Down memory road, here's the thatcher. and here's a side of the thatch After I cut out two rugs from the temporary roof material, sorry forgo