Our Labyrinth Gardens

We have Three Labyrinth Gardens at Carrowcrory

Purgation, Illumination, Unity,
are the classical three steps of labyrinth walking.

Sorrow, Joy, Dreaming
are what the ancient bards called the three enchantments

Calming, Centering, Healing
are what today's holistic guides call upon us to experience

Labyrinths, Labrys Inthos, The Place of Inspiration, symbolised for thousands of years all over the world. Today, used as a space for personal transition from inner loss, dark weight, and unanswered questions into revelation, trust, and contentment

The shedding of our old snakeskins

Brings calm and clarity for those who find it challenging to be calming and focusing inward. Here are spaces that call upon trusting of listening to our quiet weaving inner voice. Some people call this the place to 'safely' let go.

Inside a Labyrinth you may ask a question. Rather than expect an answer learn to trust living with your question and the inspiring wonder that do so attracts to you. Around the Labyrinth, you can be silent, repeat mantras, say a prayer, sing a verse.

Dissolve all fear of receiving what you accept as your conduit of light. This may be your angel, guiding spirit, christ heart, saint spirit, goddess, a passed on ancestor, or a visit by your childhood invisible friend, or simply being at one with the wholeness of union of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste of what you breathe.

Here are our three Labyrinth Gardens at Carrowcrory ...

Tree Labyrinth :

Our largest and most matured labyrinth at Carrowcrory that we first introduce visitors too.

The pictures here are from a few years ago, so I will update with more recent photographs soon

This is an aerial photograph taken a few months after I planted about 300 small bare root tree plants.

If an aerial photo was taken today the shape would not be seen as the trees are now well grown, most well over 3 metres high plus a live willow entrance and central cairn is developing well.

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Our Tree Labyrinth has over 300 trees, and is about 400 metres to walk.

Here is a construction video clip
but the trees have grown a lot more since this

Herb Labyrinth :

Recently created after several years of thought. Quietly dedicated to Airmid, a mythology mother of herbalism. This is towards a classical labyrinth design with an intriguing warm up entrance.

I will add photographs here soon.

This Labyrinth will be ready for walking from Imbolc, February 2017, weather allowing.

Triple Spiral Labyrinth :

Also, recently created after a couple of prototype attempts. Quietly dedicated to Ariadne, not only the rejected saviour of Theseus, but the guardian of the snake goddess of the earth. This Triple Spiral Labyrinth takes on a labyrinth design that seems to be 1000s of years old. It is currently planted with lavender and I feel the ground needs to softened more with sand to please this lavender.

I will add photographs here soon.

This Labyrinth will be ready for walking from Bealtaine, May 2017, weather allowing.

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