Here is the combined Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens & Bards In The Woods diary for 2018.

It will take me a couple of weeks to update with more info and links to online calendars and event pages with these. But here are some entries into your calendars for now

Open Visitor Afternoons ...

4th March - Carrowcrory, Tree Week, Call Of The Forest film
11th March - Bards In The Woods, Tree Week, Hazelwood
25th March - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Volunteer Day
8th April - Bards In The Woods, Knockranny
26th April - Poetry Day, tba
29th April - Carrowcrory Bealtaine Celebration
6th May - Bards In The Woods, Bluebell Woods nr Knockvicar
1st July - Carrowcrory Midsummer Celebration
8th July - Bards In The Woods Summer Picnic, Old Head, Mayo
22nd July - Bards In The Woods at Boyle Arts Festival, tba
5th August - Carrowcrory Lughnasa Celebration
26th August - Bards In The Woods, Gillighan's World
21st September - Culture Night, tba
7th October - Carrowcrory Harvest Festival
14th October - Bards In The Woods, Devil's Chimney
28th October - Bards In The Woods, Dooney Rock Halloween Picnic
4th November - Carrowcrory Samhain Lighted Labyrinth Celebration

Retreats, such as Find Your Story, Sacred Women Pilgrimages, and Bathing In The Fae’ (Fairy) Breath …. these need  more info and pre booking, so email us …

10th - 13th May, women only, women guides, women driver
14th - 21st May
22nd - 30th May
4th - 12th June
21st - 24th June, women only, women guides, women driver
6th - 9th August
19th - 24th August, women only
6th - 12th September
16th - 20th September, women only
21st - 24th September
28th September - 2nd October, women only, women guides, women driver

Ways to visit us ...

  • Afternoon at Carrowcrory - for 2 - 18 people
    book into a visiting group or retreat that visits us, or form your own group or retreat and include our Afternoon At Carrowcrory itinerary
    storytelling, caves, unique holy well, village pub lunch, sensory tree labyrinth walk, story sharing, afternoon tea and scones, Claire Roche songs and harp, triple spiral labyrinth game; 11 am until 6 pm.
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  • Find Your Story, Tree Labyrinth Session - for 1 to 12 people
    visualisation session that uses our most mature labyrinth to its full potential for personal inspiration, trust in intuition, clarity with ideas, and motivation to use these ideas in work, an art, craft, writing and creating. 3 hour afternoon session, includes tea and scones break.
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  • Become A Bard In The Woods - for 1 to 4 people
    full day version of our Bards In The Woods season, where you arrive at 10 am for a focusing Tree Labyrinth sessions, picnic food prep session, light lunch, then be driven to and from our Bards In The Woods meetup. Various transport and accommodation options offered.
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  • Folklore & Fairylore Retreat, 3 days or more - for 2 to 12 people
    day 1 - afternoon at Carrowcrory itinerary
    day 2 - woodland and watersides folklore
    day 3 - coastal folklore and pampering (seaweed bath etc.)
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  • Herbcraft Retreat, 3 days or more - for 2 to 9 people
    day 1 - afternoon at Carrowcrory itinerary
    day 2 - foraging and herb wisdom
    day 3 - herbcrafting
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  • Labyrinth & Journalling Retreat, 3 days or more - for 1 to 6 people
    day 1 - labyrinth journaling
    day 2 - woodland journaling
    day 3 - coastal journaling
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  • Volunteer Retreat, 3 days or more (low cost vacation) - for 1 person only
    2 days volunteer work on the labyrinth gardens followed by a day out somewhere
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  • Open Day for locals and visitors, family friendly -  for 1 to 30 people
    volunteer help, picnic lunch, sensory tree labyrinth walk, herb labyrinth poetry session, tea and scones break, triple spiral labyrinth game.
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if you wish to visit Carrowcrory or book a tour or retreat to include us, please contact

To Get Here ... please always contact us first ... 

Here's a Google Map to help you get here from the N4 Dublin to Sligo Road by Ballinafad. Look out for the ruined Ballinafad Castle. We are 5 km from Ballinafad, 5 to 10 minutes.

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