Labyrinth Garden Open Days & Bards In The Woods

Donation events, see each event, where there are links, for suggested donation which may be shared food for the buffet tables, fuel for the cottage, and a donation jar for a local cause. 

26th April - Lyrical Labyrinths at Carrowcrory on National Poetry Day
6th May - Bealtaine Bards In The Woods at Bluebell Woods nr Knockvicar
1st July - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Midsummer
8th July - Bards In The Woods Summer Picnic at Old Head, Mayo
15th July - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Picnic
22nd July - Bards In The Woods at Boyle Arts Festival, tba
5th August - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Lughnasa Celebration
26th August - Bards In The Woods at Gillighan's World
9th September - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Herb Wisdom Session
21st September - Culture Night in nearby Keash village, tba
7th October - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Harvest Festival
14th October - Bards In The Woods at Devil's Chimney waterfall wood
28th October - Bards In The Woods Halloween Picnic at Dooney Rock
4th November - Carrowcrory Lighted Labyrinth Garden for Samhain

'Seeing The Words From The Trees' retreats

6 days, 6 nights  just one person 'apprentice' at a time...
day 1 - inspiration through mindfulness and visualisation in the labyrinth gardens
day 2 - volunteer work with the Labyrinth Gardens, plus herb and tree lore
day 3 - a woodland picnic adventure,  some herb and tree wisdom, and coast time
day 4 - volunteer work with the Labyrinth Gardens. plus herb and tree lore
day 5 - journaling coaching plus turning journal content into blogs, songs, books etc.
day 6 - half day volunteer work, followed by half day putting it all together

This is a perfect way to commence your Ireland adventure, if this is your vacation time.

Package of ..
  • guidance and coaching
  • comfortable accommodation
  • all meals, all diets catered
  • some transport
  • current total cost for 6 days and nights, only €300 per person
  • Very limited! Only one person at a time for this
Please ask about group retreats doing similar, 5 or more in group.

These need  more info and pre booking, so please email us and ask about them …