Stay Longer

Find Your Story

our 5 day folklore retreat 
guided by Woodland Bard

Come away, O human child
To the waters, trees, and the wild
And there will be much more 
you'll understand

Here I twist some famous W.B. Yeats lines to invite you to a 'Find You Story' folklore retreat that I guide twice a year here at Carrowcrory, in scenic rural Co. Sligo and Co. Roscommon, Ireland.

I am hosting two retreats during 2017,
One in May, and another in September.

The framework of the itinerary is
  • Monday - travel from Dublin to your accommodation
  • Tuesday - a folklore introduction day at Keash and Carrowcrory
  • Wednesday - Celtic forest folklore    more about this ...
  • Thursday - Celtic water folklore    more about this ...
  • Friday - Celtic herb folklore and craft    more about this ...
  • Saturday - closures and transfers to your next journeys 
Comprehensive package serving 
  • meet up together at Dublin Airport
  • 5 nights exclusive use quiet accommodation, 
  • 5 full breakfasts, 
  • 5 evening meals, special diet requests accepted  
  • 5 lunches, one of them being a picnic lunch 
  • 5 days of transport and driver, 
  • 5 days of guiding and teaching services  
  • plus a pampering real seaweed bath :-) 
  • maximum of 8 people per retreat
  • assistance for getting to your next adventure, or home
Totalling €875 per person for all 5 nights and days
(alternatively, contact me for staying less time at a lower cost)  

Retreat Dates for 2017 


arrive  Monday afternoon May 15th 
depart  Saturday morning May 20th, 5 nights total
€875 per person, offer for 2017, accommodation, food, activities etc.

click here for booking info for May 2017


arrive  Monday afternoon September 26th 
depart  Saturday morning October 1st
€875 per person, offer for 2017, accommodation, food, activites etc.

click here for booking info for September 2017

Free Retreat?

We also offer full week work retreats for just one person per week, Saturday to Saturday, each week 15th April 2017 until 14th October 2017. Free board and food in exchange for 28 hours work on labyrinth gardens and cottage work on wet days. More info about this later ...

Let me tell you more about your accommodation, food and day by day itinerary ...

For your comfort and nourishment I have included four nights of peaceful comfortable rural accommodation,

Plus three meals a day created with love and local tradition.

Together, this has all been priced to be comprehensive, excellent value, and easy to pay for.   .

... plus I can help you extend your time with us into a longer Ireland vacation of pilgrimage, experiences, and fun for yourself or as a group.

Maximum group size for 'Find Your Story' is 8 people.

Keeping these retreats small and intimate is comfortable and useful for everyone.

Meanwhile, here is a reminder pic of Carrowcrory Cottage :-)

There is plenty of opportunity to break away from the group for personal quiet time as needed.

We can also take 2 people FREE 
- as labyrinth workers for 6 hours a day
but obviously not following this itinerary, but a working retreat.
message me to inquire about this

Day 1)  Monday

We meet up at Boyle railway station late afternoon, 3:30 pm, and I will transport you to your lovely accommodation at Lisserlough.

After a rest and 'freshen up'. we share a social reception for getting to know each other ...

... a scrumptious evening meal, featuring a casual introduction to the days ahead

Day 2) Tuesday

After an awakening and energizing breakfast, I will introduce you to our Tree Labyrinth here at Carrowcrory.

It is surrounded by a mythological landscape of Ceis Coarran,

Bricklieve Mountains with their ancient Carrowkeel cairns

and The Curlews.

I will offer you a simple task to do within the labyrinth that has proved to 'set the sails' and stoke up the 'inner fires' for the inspirational days ahead.

This will lead into very light lunch time

Through the afternoon we will indulge in a woodland somewhere. Native woodland, probably beside water ...

... and engage in nature activities, that will probably include foraging.

We fully enjoy the surroundings and learn from them, from what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste and gather.

Weather conditions, and what you reveal after your morning labyrinth session, will decide how this afternoon flows. Hopefully our woodland time will include some fun picnic time too.

Overall, this is a day that offers sensory connection to woodland and wild nature, We explore the ancient tradition of the three 'strains' of connection ...

these being sorrow ...

joy ...

 and dreaming.

The sorrow part is never too melancholic as it seems to drive our enthusiasm and meaning needed for entering into joy and dreaming.

Returning then, into a social evening meal that drifts into quiet personal journalling time

Day 3) Wednesday

Being close to water is the theme offered through this day. Yes, our first closeness to this could be the 'soft rain' of Ireland, as they say :-)

Morning time will be similar to the Tree Labyrinth experience, the day before. This time, we will be by a sacred spring well, many call this a Holy Well.

I will introduce 'consecration' of a well and how this is not exclusive to priests but a connection offered to everyone to trust and do. The love we can share, and the inspiration and vision we can receive from pure gifted well water I find is very surprising, and very engaging for people present.

After a local pub lunch ...

.. we will share an afternoon of adventure to include a river,

waterfalls such as Devil's Chimney and Glencar

a lough (lake) , this pic looking to Lake Isle Of Innisfree ...

and some coastline ...

This day's indulgence in water inspiration will be 'mighty', as they say in Ireland.

After being around water, your appetite for evening meal will probably be strong. Again this flows into journalling time as you wish.

Day 4) Thursday

Creation day :-)

Weather and flow of the group will determine how we do this, but offered today is a start to synthesising your inspirations into 'works' translated from your inner 'voice'.

This could be a set of individual compositions or possibly a collaboration in writing, music and sometimes even short film making.

How this flows depends on the spirit and motivation of the group. This is not something that I can post an advance itinerary for.

I will commence with a short session on the Ogham alphabet, stories of its creation, and its possible uses today. After that, your 'creation' session will blossom into wonder and fruiting.

This may involve travel to other local beautiful places,

or we may stay homely and have a cosy day using the facilities at Carrowcrory.

Around 5 pm, we will be at Carrowcrory Cottage and feature the start of our own concert, opening with the songs, harps and stories by Claire Roche, that everyone finds is magical, angelic and even levitating.

Then you take the floor, and hearth space, to share your own creations.

After our last evening meal together we will continue performances of your new works, and anything else anyone wants to add to celebrate these past few days.

Day 5) Friday

Breakfast together and closings, before I transport you to Boyle, about 10:30 am, for you to head off to your next experience and destination.

Day 6 onwards ...

This is not 'the end' though, as I do not believe in beginnings and end. Your payment for these past few days also includes one year distance coaching, with me, to help you get your work published and circulated.

Some of the tools to help you ...

- books and materials to take away, includes at least 2 books,
- a USB drive of extra materials to view and print out,
- access to online resources,
- 12 months of one on one coaching with Woodland Bard,


We rent a quiet rural exclusive use stone building

6 people sharing 3 ensuite double two bed rooms

but we can make these 3 queen double beds for couples

2 people in single bedrooms that share a bathroom.

First to book gets first choices


4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 3 lunches, and 1 picnic. Special diets catered for, though 8 people all with different diets due to different allergy sets may be challenging.

So, we will max on 3 different diet options each meal.

Guiding and Transport Services

To give you some scenery variety and extra spaces of inspiration, transport and coaching is provided for short outdoor trips through each of the 3 days.

plus transport for collection and return to Boyle railway station on arrival and departure days.

Looking forward to you sharing retreat with us :-)