Days of Discovery from Carrowcrory Cottage

Several people have realised that all they came to Ireland to experience is close by to Carrowcrory, and can be done without unpacking and re-packing suitcases every day.

Stay here, settle in, feel at home for a few days, even a few weeks.

I am building up these pages of suggested 'exploring days' accompanied with pics and videos that I collect when I can.

01) A Day At Keash

This is our Afternoon at Carrowcrory extended to spend more time at our local caves and holy well. This is our core activity, the centre of what we do.

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02) Over 5500 year old Carrowkeel Cairns

A very popular site of megalithic remains near Carrowcrory, just 7km, 5 miles.away.

There are 16 ancient cairns sites here and other antiquities, but most visitors spend a short time here and only visit 2 or 3 of the cairns. The landscape is wild limestone moorland with lots of heather and spectacular views.

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03) What inspired poet W.B.Yeats? - part 1 

There are some guided tours that follow a biography of W.B. Yeats, but how about exploring the fairy world and otherworlds like he did, and see how you are inspired? Will this lead you into writing a book of composing songs for a music album?

Two days of exploring the fairy world mainly in woodlands, including being on islands, by waterfalls and maybe at a wooded coast.too.

Day 1 will include Glencar, Ben Bulben and Drumcliff

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04) What inspired poet W.B.Yeats? - part 2 

Continuing, we will be more forested to include Hazelwood and, weather pemitting, a picnic on the beautiful wooded Lake Isle Of Innisfree, and maybe a visit to Dooney Rock.

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05) Brideog, The Water Bearer  

Brighid, Bhride, Briget etc. well known in story as a fire and flame keeper. As Imbolc, the time of Brighid's Day, is also the mid point of Aquarius, the water bearer, this day explores some sites and stories of the 'bearing of water' in Spring in Ireland.

We visit wells, loughs and rivers connected to her story locally.

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06) Songs Of Airmid 

The deeds of the Tuatha De Dannan are well told and we will start by visiting some of the Moytura sites connected to these.

This will quickly turn to the legacy of Dean Cecht, Miach and Airmid, the mother of herbal medicine today.

We will gather some plants on our travels and return to Carrowcrory to make something with them such as syrups, teas, salves, and possibly smudging sticks.

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07) Harps Of Dagda, Finn and O'Carolan 

I love the ancient harp stories. Through the tales of the harps and their deeds we visit sites such as the fairy hills, Sí Beg, Sí Mór, made famous in tune by O'Carolan. Lunch or Afternoon Tea at Kilronan Castle, followed by storytelling time and sites around the beautiful Lough Meelagh and the native woodlands around its banks. .

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08) Knocknarea & Carrowmore

Cnoc na Rí, a hill of Royalty, Queen Maeve?
A day of hiking over two routes to the top of Knocknarea, visit its giant cairn, and down again, to a deserved lunch.

Follow that with a relaxed visit to the nearby Carrowmore Megalithic Centre, site of the oldest known stone age cairns in Ireland.

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09) Seaweed Foraging and Beach Picnic  

A wonderful intimate way to connect with our nearest Co. Sligo coastline. Forage for seaweed and feel all senses participating. Enjoy a picnic with our findings on a sandy beach. Then head for a Seaweed bath at Strandhill or Enniscrone to experience an ultimate in cleansing and relaxation.

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10) Cavan's Burren  

A large site of forestry, limestone boreann and several ancient megalithic sites of different types such as cairns, tombs, ancient dwellings, wells, and ancient rock art.  I would try to arrange a local guide to help you experience this vast wonder.

This day would include a visit to Shannon Pot and its mythologies. On your return, you could also visit the St. Hugh's very mineral well, sweathouse and heritage holly trees

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11) Donegal Adventure  

A long day, but well worth it. The ultimate visit is Slieve League Cliffs,that I feel are much more stunning than Cliffs Of Moher.

From there to visit some of the many ancient sites of Glencolumcille, including an ancient cairn covered sacred well

As shopping will be on people's minds, a visit to a Donegal woollen mills is probably a good idea.

On the way back, stop off for local fish n'chips supper with alternatives for vegetarians and vegans.

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12) Lough Key Forest Larks 

A playtime in our vast Lough Key Forest Park that can include woodland walks, boat trip on the lough to one of the islands, exploring the park on a bicycle or segway, trying out the woodland ziplines, and a string of activities both action and relaxation that can be enjoyed here

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13) From Underworld To Light - Rathcroghan 

The popular site and activity at ancient Rathcroghan, famous for being the start of The Tain bulls story, is the Cave Of Cats, Owynagat. This is a mysterious underground cave of legend. The place of The Morrigan, The Morrigu.

In addition to the cave experience, a visit to the Rathcroghan visitor's centre is a great idea, and then off to visit some more sites of the Ancient Connaught royalty.

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14) Quirkey Sligo 

The day is focused on a visit to storytelling woodcarver Michael Quirke in Sligo town.

As Michael's opening time is erratic we also use this day to visit some nearby places of interest and story such as Deerpark at Calry, a woodland that opens up at a unique Court Cairn remains with a breathtaking view of the county.

Also possible would be a visit to the middle earth experience of The Glen, a gothic forest within a canyon.

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Ancient East  

On your return to Dublin, I suggest reserving two days to get there.

On one day, explore the ancient cairn and story sites of Loughcrew, Westmeath. A very good visitor's centre there now too.

The next day, into Meath and explore the sites and stories of Hill Of Tara, Hill of Tlachtga, and Fourknocks Cairn.

Newgrange? When you click the link I will also explain how to approach Newgrange and Knowth.

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