Celtic Water Folklore

Like Trees, Water was on Earth before us humans ever were. And here we are today, 50% to over 70% water

We start this day with the lore of symbolism of the womb in landscape, and its hidden pools and loughs in story. Sacred springs are visited, now Holy Wells, that receive water travelled through depth of the earth from its wombs to places of reverence and survival. Here. the fairy realm stories are alive too.

We visit rivers and share the goddesses of their folklore. Beautiful scenic loughs too that sometimes invite baptism within their sacredness.

The Sligo coast is visited too, where we may forage awhile, and ponder where the water goes that leaves us when our days are done and we pass on.

This day completes with the pampering of a fresh seaweed bath, 40 to 50 minutes of renewal and calm that lingers for hours after the experience, and through the gentle dreaming in sleep.

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