Celtic Herb Folklore

An intimate day with nature through this day. There will be exploring, foraging and gathering of flowers, leaves, maybe bark and roots too.

At some point stories of Airmid will be shared. Airmid, the Tuatha De Dannan mother of herb craft. There will be some additional labyrinth walking to share these stories too.

The weather of this day will determine what we do, but without our herbal bounty we will make items useful for our well being and joy.

As several visitors on this retreat will be from countries that restrict the return of plant material and items made with them, we will make things that can be used right away. Everyone will be able to go home knowing how to make the same or similar at home.

Our crafts may venture into smudgeing sticks, frangrances, extracts, teas, and flavourings. What we do during this herb craft time will be quite spontaneous yet learning too.

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