Celtic Forest Folklore

When people think of Ireland today, and visiting Ireland, what usually comes to mind are castles, turf fires, Guinness, stone walls, donkeys, leprechauns, traditional music and dancing, stone age ruins, and, of course, the fairies.

What is forgotten is the deep heritage of the Irish forests and a race named The Ghaels, because of their ancient integrated woven relationship to trees and woodlands.

While on this retreat we will share how the Ghael name evolved, the ancient language from the memories of trees, and how the spirit of life was ruled through the inspiration of mature trees.

Through this day of tree folklore, you will hear of goddesses, animals, birds, and the fairy race. We indulge ourselves within native tree woodlands that inspired the poet W.B. Yeats onto his mythical journey.

I will offer you a quest to wander and wonder to discover how you are inspired and present within these beautiful woodland spaces that we visit on this day.

This will be a collection of nature walk, quiet inspiration, sharing of stories, and a picnic in the woods.

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